July 2016 Neighborhood News

Dog Waste in Yards

Pet Owners: As a general reminder, please make sure to clean up after your pets. It can be a hassle for property owners and Morris Hill Park visitors to have to pick up a mess made by your pet. Many harmful parasites can be spread through dog feces, so please be responsible when your pets are outside and keep an eye on where they go to the bathroom. For more information, please refer to section 6-07-23 of the Boise City Code regarding animal nuisance: http://cityclerk.cityofboise.org/media/223598/13560_0607.pdf

Art Sale Thank You!







Thank you to Jessie and Trish for inviting the Morris Hill neighborhood to their annual Summer Art Sale in June! Neighbors greatly appreciate the generous hospitality which included organic and home baked refreshments, lively conversation, and of course, the fantastic artwork. Our hosts, Jessie and Trish are featured on the left and below displaying the varying pieces of their artwork.

BBQ Safety Tips

The Boise Fire Department has put together some tips to help keep you safe when you barbeque this summer. Make sure to keep your grill a safe distance from your home, never leave it unattended, keep a fire extinguisher nearby, and clean the grill properly after it is used. You can watch the video the BFD put together by visiting their website at http://fire.cityofboise.org/