August 2016 Neighborhood News

Church Vandalism

The Community of Christ Church on Garden St. has been a victim of Graffiti twice in the past few weeks. The picture to the right is from the shed door at the church. There were two other markings on the side of the church, as well. If you have any information on these acts of vandalism, please contact Officer Terry Weir with the Boise Police Department at 208-570-6415 or

Roosevelt Street Project

The Ada County Highway District is creating improvements for Roosevelt Street between Rose Hill and Emerald Street, aiming to increase connectivity for pedestrians and children walking to school. Proposed improvements include: Constructing a curb, gutter and sidewalk on the west side of Roosevelt St., replacing an existing narrow sidewalk with a gutter and separated sidewalk on the east side of Roosevelt St., an addition of bike lanes and sharrows, and maintaining existing on-street parking. You can view the project design here:

Indoor Cats

Did you know that indoor cats live up to three times longer than outdoor cats? There are numerous dangers and threats for cats when they are left outdoors, including: Diseases and parasites, predators, injury or death, victims of cruelty, and weather extremes. There is also a large possibility of free-roaming cats (or any animal) getting picked up and taken to a shelter. Indoor cats have the assurance of a scratching post, a comfortable place to sleep, food and water, and areas to perch. If you bring your cat indoors, there are many ways to transition them to indoor life. You can find additional information at the following link: Overall keeping a cat indoors will positively contribute to their health and well-being.

Emergency Preparedness Pointer – Don’t Forget About Your Four-Legged Friends

The latest Ada City-County Emergency Management Preparedness Pointer is available with information on how to create a pet kit in case of a disaster. For more information, please refer to the following URL: