Crime Prevention

Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 208-377-6790
Crime Stoppers: 208-343-COPS
Graffiti: 208-377-6790
Drugs: 208-343-COPS / 208-570-6420 / 208-321-0588
Radar Reader: 208-570-6300
BPD “Report A Crime Online” website:
BPD Chief: Chief William Bones  208-570-6190 or
BPD NCO Unit: Capt. P.D. Burch
Neighborhood Watch: Carrie Demirelli  208-570-6070 or

Online Resources
Ada County Sheriff’s Office Registered Sex Offenders:
Boise Police Department:
Family Watchdog:
McGruff the Crime Dog:
National Association of Town Watch:
National Night Out:

Neighborhood Watch


If you are interested in finding out more information or want to start a Neighborhood Watch Program on your block, please contact Carrie Demirelli at with the Boise Police Department at (208) 570-6070.

Existing programs in our area:

Archer/Denton – Chair, Chris Lockhart

The Boise Police Department maintains a whole section of their BPD website with information on the benefits of Neighborhood Watch. The following was reproduced from that website.

Benefits of Neighborhood Watch:

  1. Reduces fear of crime
  2. Deters criminal activity
  3. Stimulates neighborhood awareness by people watching out for each other
  4. Reduces the risk of becoming a crime victim
  5. Trains residents on securing their homes and property, recognizing and reporting suspicious and criminal activity, and communicating with neighbors
  6. Receives information by the Boise Police Crime Prevention Unit on criminal activity in or near their neighborhood so residents can take precautions and be the eyes and ears for law enforcement
  7. Offers bi-annual Neighborhood Watch newsletters and training sessions
  8. Offers updated crime prevention literature and information

Goals and Objectives of Neighborhood Watch:

Goal: To reduce and prevent the incidence of residential crime in Boise Neighborhood Watch areas.


  1. To teach citizens how to secure their homes and reduce their chances of being victims of crime.
  2. To encourage neighbors to become better acquainted and to work together in a program of mutual assistance.
  3. To train citizens in the recognition and reporting of suspicious activity.
  4. To open communication between neighborhoods and the Boise Police Department

How Can I Start a Neighborhood Watch?

If you are interested in finding out more information or want to start a Neighborhood Watch in your area, contact Carrie Demirelli at 208-570-6070 or

Carrie will mail you a booklet giving information on the program, what is involved, and how to start one in your neighborhood.