Neighborhood Sponsors
A special thanks goes out to each and every one of our generous donating sponsors! We appreciate YOU!

Morris Hill Neighborhood Association is a volunteer-based organization and we depend completely on donated labor and financial resources to accomplish any of our goals. Help make your neighborhood the best neighborhood community in Boise by contributing your time and money!

Thank you, Sponsors!

BECOME A SPONSOR: Morris Hill is seeking business donations. If your business would like to donate, please send check or money order to Morris Hill Vice President, Mildred Hickman, 4224 W. Clinton St., Boise, ID. 83706. All donations are tax-deductible! Join our growing list of cash sponsors below:

Platinum Sponsor – $500 or higher
Gold Sponsor – $250-$499.99
Silver Sponsor – $100-$249.99
Bronze Sponsor – $50-$99.99
Friends – $1-$49.99

“Platinum” Sponsors ($500 or higher)

“Gold” Sponsors ($250-$499.99)

“Silver” Sponsors ($100-$249.99)

“Bronze” Sponsors ($50-$99.99)

  • Kayla Jones
  • Dick Mallea
  • Virginia Linnell
  • Patricia Pereira
  • Jo Ramoin
  • Steffen & Marianne Russak

“2017 Campaign” Sponsors ($20.17!)

  • Roger Goicoechea
  • Corey Gucker
  • Ann Herrington
  • Mildred Hickman
  • Scott Hauser
  • Virginia Linnell
  • Chris & Lynn Lockhart
  • Dick Mallea
  • Jack Nelson
  • Andrea Tuning
  • Jason Korn & Tasmyn Raleigh
  • Jo Ramoin
  • Marianne Russak
  • Steffen Russak
  • Emily Shaw
  • Weldon Stutzman
  • John Ward
  • Joneen Ward
  • Julie Weaver

“Honorary” Sponsors (Grant Awards)

Morris Hill 2017 “Friends” (>$50 and non-cash organization sponsors)