The backdrop of the Morris Hill neighborhood consists of charming older homes, mature trees, and well-manicured backyard gardens. We are a neighborhood in transition, which can be seen throughout the area where young homeowners are reviving their turn of the century to mid-century homes next to retired residents who have lived in the neighborhood for over 50 years.

The heart of Morris Hill is located on Orchard Street. Orchard Street’s unique niche specialty shops, restaurants, and other locally owned retail businesses draw individuals from all across the valley, making Orchard Street a destination location.

The Morris Hill Neighborhood Association was formed in 2004 and partners with the City of Boise to inform, educate, and engage the Morris Hill neighborhood community. The Association is bounded by Roosevelt Street, Emerald Street, Curtis Road, and Alpine Street. The center lanes of the surrounding roadways define the neighborhood boundaries.

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Historical Brochure

Our neighborhood’s history is represented by the homes in Morris Hill, its name, businesses, and the streets intertwined into its geography. We would not be the neighborhood we are today if William Ridenbaugh had not purchased our neighborhood’s land in 1880, if Henry B. Scott had not mapped the neighborhood’s first subdivision in 1894, or if housing demands had not increased after WWII. Our neighborhood’s charming older homes, mature trees, and well-manicured gardens are a testament to its long history.

Historical Homes

The Morris Hill Neighborhood Association invites you to take a two-mile self-guided historical tour of some of the oldest homes in the neighborhood. Many of the homes, which were built during the first half of the twentieth century, line the streets originally mapped by one of the neighborhood’s first developers, Henry B. Scott. The oldest home on our tour dates back to 1900 and the youngest to 1956. Tour the historical homes in the order they were built or by street name using the Morris Hill Historical Brochure.

More Historical Information

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This project was created in partnership with the City of Boise.