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Morris Hill Boundaries
Bounded on the east of Roosevelt, on the south of Alpine, on the west of Curtis, and on the north by the Connector until Orchard, then Emerald from Orchard to Roosevelt. Visit our Neighborhood Area Map link for more details.

Morris Hill Committees

Volunteer for one or more of our exciting neighborhood Committees! Contact:

Communications Committee
The purpose of the Communications Committee is to actively engage in the communication efforts of our Association. Committee members promote the goals and objectives of the Association through development and distribution of online and print materials, social media posts, public relations, and media outreach

Social Activities Committee
The purpose of the Social Activities Committee is to plan, organize, and facilitate all neighborhood meetings, social events, initiatives, and activities as a way of building a sense of neighborhood community and promoting public safety.

Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee
The purpose of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Committee is to apply for neighborhood reinvestment funds. Aspects of this responsibility include the need to identify eligible projects, establish a project election procedure, obtain the necessary homeowner signatures, and work on project(s) to completion.

Public Agency Committee
The purpose of the Public Agency Committee is to monitor meetings, agendas and actions of public agencies and commissions, including but not limited to the Ada County Highway District, Compass, and Boise City. It shall also be the purpose of this committee to participate in the Boise City Code required Neighborhood Meetings.

Neighborhood Planning Committee
The purpose of the Neighborhood Planning Committee is to conduct neighborhood planning in the manner described in the official “Neighborhood Planning Guide” of Boise City.

Grievance Committee
The purpose of the Grievance Committee is to receive complaints and promptly recommend specific actions to the Board of Directors.